Cards Against Equestria Girls

Lovin’ you is easy cause you’re using tears as lubricant.

Lovin’ you is easy cause you’re using tears as lubricant.



Making the importance of feminism about how patriarchy affects men is not being a good feminist ally.

Actually, I disagree with the people who are condemning these men. The fact is, gender non-conforming men are very susceptible to being bullied - and I think it’s great that these men are able to recognize the feminism also helps them. It’s not like the MRAs (the most vocal and anti-feminist branch of the masculism movement) exactly care about these type of men.

Instead of ranting about how pink “sucks” since some girls are forced into wearing it, we need to also consider the other side of the equation: boys who are denied pink, and boys who are scolded (or even punished) for expressing a preference for pink.

Reblogging for the hell of it, i wear pink all the time and nobody really gives me crap for it!

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Fuckin awesome. Hour and a halfish set, pit was just crazy enough, not much voice left. Kinda wanna check if there are tix left for their nyc show in a couple days. MSI still got it, shame this is supposed to be their last tour for a while!

(During sound check) “I can hear that in my penis” -friend

And wow. Even Bud is 6 bucks here, and even tho they pour it in a plastic cup, cant bring your drink into the pit. Not that I should really mosh in an aircast..

Holy shit! Im on my way to physical therapy and I see a tumblr notification, 78 new notes! Much like. Very reblog. Wow